Is Fenty Glow lip Gloss worth the money?

I went shopping for some new lip gloss.  I had a special event coming up and I wanted to make sure that my lips were POPPING!   I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go. I went to Sephora where there were so many choices that one could be overwhelmed.   I decided that I would just try on some lip gloss and see what happens.   I was not only looking for a nice color. I was looking for a lip gloss that was moisturizing, reasonably priced, and a color that I could wear for different events.   Fenty Glow Lip Gloss is $18.00 at Sephora. 

This Lip Gloss definitely looks different colors on different complexions.  As you can see I am darker complexion and it looks more goldish on me. I did use the lip gloss with a brown Sephora lip liner.  I had the consultant from Sephora try it on and it was pink on her lips.  I think it is actual a very neat thing that the lip color looks different on various complexions. 

 The actual gloss color is a soft rose with just the tiniest shimmery particles. It’s a bit tacky like a traditional gloss, but it doesn’t feel sticky, and it definitely has hydrating benefits. According to a rep for the brand, it’s loaded with shea butter. I believe it is definitely worth the 18.00 I paid at Sephora.  I want to try the clear gloss that Fenty has called Diamond Milk. It is sheer with shimmering particles. It was definitely pleased with the Lip Gloss. It is definitely worth the money and I look forward to trying their other products from Fenty.

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  1. Thanks for that good information, I wasn’t sure about Fenty’s lip glosses, I have heard great things about their foundations and powers and now I know that the lip gloss is POPPIN and worth it.

  2. I like Fenty too! It looks amazing on you!

  3. The lip gloss looks good on you, I’m definitely going to try it!

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