5 Budget Friendly Date Ideas!

A couple should have date night in order to keep the fire burning in their relationship.  Date night is a way for a couple to spend time enjoying each other without the stresses or work, home, and children.  The following are 5 date night ideas that will not break the bank.

1. Dinner at the park or in the backyard

Why not get all dressed up and go out to dinner…in the park? A basket of food, a blanket, and a couple of candles is all you need (just don’t accidentally set the park on fire). This simple date night idea is great for your personal budget, but also mindful of the time if you have to get back to your children.  You can head to the neighborhood park or your backyard and feel good knowing you’re only a couple of blocks from home. Add little touches like music, your best china, and (if you can get him to do it) dancing. Sparks will fly in no time!

2.  Sports night

Participating in sports is obviously great exercise. It’s also easy on the wallet since the equipment is reusable, and, lastly, it offers the best of both worlds. Men bond through “doing,” and women bond through talking. Try tennis or racquet ball. Shoot some hoops, or just play catch with a baseball. All the while, you’ll be conversing! Everybody wins and your money stays at home like a champ.

 3.  Spa Night

Settle in for a night of pampering: No pricey spa required. Run a bubble bath and then treat each other to full-body massages.  This is always a fun and relaxing idea. 

4.  Bowling or Skating night

Go to your local bowling alley or skating arena to have some fun. Psych him out by reminding him of how great you are in skating or bowing.   Don’t forget to program his sugary-sweet nickname (“Muffin Face”) onto the computerized scoreboard instead of his real name.  This is an opportunity to include a little competition with your fun. 

5. Game night

Gather up all of your favorite games at home and show your significant other why you are so awesome!  Playing board games, cards, or game system is a fun way to spend time with each other and converse about what going on while you are beating the pants off of him in Uno. 

Remember that when you trying to remain on a budget you do not have to feel stuck.  You do not need a million dollars to have a memorable date night.  You can have fun, remain on a budget and date at the same time. Free does not mean that the date will be boring.  Actually, free can mean that you are creative at how you have your fun and spend your money.  

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